Always first boot each morning makes Win7 x64 freeze.

Hello everyone! I am kind of new in posting here but have read quite some threads of other people, right now I am running in a kind of annoying problem with my homebuild rig.

It actually never really worked well, at least I can not remember and I will let you know my findings so far and the odds and outs.

Everything seems to work fine after I let my PC warm up for around 20 minutes in the bios and then load up Win 7 Ultimate x64. Anyway, if I don't do this e.g. turn on my PC after being offline a whole night it always will freeze on the Windows 7 Logo just before it should jump into Windows 7... the strange thing is too, that if I would press F8 before loading windows normally and go into safe mode, it will load up normally and nothing will freeze, ever.

My rig consists of the following hardware:
Processor: Core i7 960 @ 3,61Ghz
Ram: 12GB Corsair Dominator GT 2000C8
Mainboard: Asus Rampage II Extreme Mainboard
Graphics: 2x Asus Ati 5970 in CF
Audio: 1x SB X-FI software based audio slot card
1x card reader
1x Plextor BluRay Burner
1x Plextor DVD Burner
1x Intel SSD 80GB (Main windows 7 drive)
2x WD Black Edition 2TB
1x WD Green Edition 3TB (Nothing in Raid but AHCI running, also in bios)
PSU: Enermax Galaxy DXX EWL1000

About my settings for Ram, Cpu etc it really never mattered much. I have my ram at 1,65V. CPU at 1,3125V. NB & SB & lowest values. Ram timings 7 8 7 24 2N. But it actually does all run smoothly as long as I "warm up" my PC long enough in the Bios and then exit and load Windows 7. Else I have to give a hard reset and the PC turns off automatically, then loads up automatically again and I get the Windows 7 did not close down normally bla bla.. you all know the message.
"Start Windows normally" usually gets me into Windows 7 and I can work quite normally. Sometimes it froze after opening MSN messenger or Yahoo messenger. But it can easily work accordingly for a very long time as well.

Can this be a PSU issue? I exchanged all Ram once with XMS3 but made no change. I didn't tried another PSU, mainboard or CPU or Videocards. But somehow I don't believe it's any of this. A fresh installation of Win7 always goes well too. No errors ever. Until I close down my PC and start it up again the next morning it always freezes the first time I load up windows 7. This is so annoying and I can't find an answer.

Maybe anyone else here have had a similar experience and knows what I could do. All help is so welcome. Thanks in advance! I await any answers here :-)
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  1. It seems that nobody is really hasty in providing me some help, but perhaps no one has a clue yet, so I won't judge too quickly.

    Anyways, I did discover that after a complete clean install of Win7 with all drivers installed EXCEPT the ATI videocard drivers it will boot up normally. So it has to do with the videocards, or still the PSU doesn't give of enough power at cold state?? Very strange.

    Well, at least I am ALMOST sure it is my ATI drivers.. still digging some more on the internet here. Any help is still welcome!!! Please :-)
  3. I am still surprised not even one single person tried to help me on one of the "supposingly" best forums on the net.

    I fixed it myself. Checked again both cards seperately. Seems one has the coldbug issue. Doesn't start up at all after being turned off for 30 minutes. The other card always works great when turning on the PC. The other one is going RMA. Need a new one.

    My advice is. If you got a 5xxx series card that doesn't work properly, don't hesitate and RMA it..or get a refund and buy another one somewhere else.
    Such an expensive card and these problems persist...
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