Graphics card blown caps replacement?

Long story short. My videocard now has 2 caps blown and I need to get them replaced. I have lots of the other 6.3V 1500cap polarized caps in my old motherboard. The other one, 6.3 4xx something, I have not found yet any replacement but I got other boards to search for them still.

Now, before we go to the replacing.. I got another question. Is it possible that only League of Legends, not so graphically demanding game, can freeze my computer while Crysis cannot, due to these caps? It's quite strange. I also get now BSOD issues, seems to have started after second cap got blown yesterday.

Can caps even cause BSOD by their nature? I don't have any overheating issues for sure. Also, one thing is that when I am typing a lot for awhile, the crash occurs. This may explain why League of Legends is crashing and why Crysis is not. But that is equal to a voodoo dilemma.

Now to the replacing. I believe that I could hot solder the caps out of the motherboard, since damage is irrelevant to the MB itself. But the videocard is another thing. Is it possible to bake it so that I could de-attach the broken solders easily and apply the new ones into it? I don't have cold solder and I don't have soldering experience AT ALL, so it would be too risky to try soldering it, but if a third cap is blown, I won't think twice about that either.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Out of warranty?
    If it's still on warranty then I think you should RMA it...
    Blown caps could make any issues, just like yours.
  2. 8600GS cards on warranty in nearly 2011? :P

    And warranty is highly specific here, just opening the case already voids it. And the 8600GS was not originally in this computer at all, to speak of.

    Would anyone be able to answer my original question though?
  3. you should be able to do it if you have a decent soldering iron. But honestly, a gt220 or ati 5570 is so cheap and about on par with the performance if not better than the 8600gs. just get a new card.
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