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Since the last time I built a machine I was about fourteen years old, this time around I was a bit rusty..

During this most recent build, i knocked the hdd and ssd around a little bit, was a little clumsy with the mobo a few times, contorted the ram out of place while it was locked into the slot while trying to adjust a fan [although im thinking that put more pressure on the dimm slot than the ram stick], and i bumped into the heatsink [hyper212plus] a few times which made it budge a bit requiring a touch of gentle coaxing to get it back to its original orientation.

Now that the build is complete, what would be a good set of diagnostic utils that can assure me all components [hdds, ssds, ram, cpu, cards, etc..] are operating the way they are supposed to be.

I remember things like scandisk and chkdisk and a memory scanner for ram sticks.. but my info is so outdated now I thought it best to ask the community.

Any suggestions?
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  1. memtest86+ is a great tool to check your Memory.

    I would look to run Prime95 (Blend Test) for an hour or so to see if you get any errors from the test. It is a torture test to check the stability of your system (mainly used by Overclockers). While you are running the test, I would recommend using HWMonitor to check your temps to make sure they are looking good.
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