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Hi All,

so I just ordered/installed a XFX Radeon HD 5830 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150497&nm_mc=TEMC-RMA-Approvel&cm_mmc=TEMC-RMA-Approvel-_-Content-_-text-_-) . I have a few questions about it though. Is it normal for the fan to be so loud? When I am just on my desktop it gets pretty loud, but in game it sounds like a jet. It's been a while since I've bought a "gaming" card and compared to my previous card (geforce 220) it's just so noticeable. But so far the performance seems to be good, I get decent fps in games.. I did notice that while I was play LFD2 that sometimes on a texture, there would be some white dots? Is that bad? Overall I just want to get your guys' feedback on this card. The reason I got it was because it's $144 after rebate and I felt it was a good price for this card. I guess right now, I'm just not used to this extra fan noise. Is there a way to minimize it/replace the fan? Anyway thank you so much!
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  1. I do not think that those cards are meant to be extremely loud. I would RMA it. If another one comes in that is also bad, then I think you will have to live with it. :(
  2. Why does your product code say "RMA approvel"? (And why is approval spelled wrong?)
  3. Check on CCC about what speed is your fan speed...
    You can reduce it manually.
  4. Not sure I'd reduce the fan speed if he's having possible "white dot"/artifact problems. I'd grab a screen shot and see about RMAing the card.
  5. It really shouldn't be that loud. You may want to consider returning it entirely rather than just RMA. A GTX 460 768mb can be had for the same money and is a superior card.
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