Thread Disappeared! Need help with a Graphics Card

First Thank you to everyone that had responded before! I came in to answer that post and the site dropped, along with my post.... :sarcastic:

OK, part of the info I neglected to add prior. I have a Mini Tower, Not a Slim Line Case on my Optiplex GX745.

One issue that I was trying to answer was in response to weither I would need to use a Low Profile Card. So i am adding all of my info to help to get the right answer. I wish that other post had not disappeared, I am new on this site and I think I must have hit something inadvertently and erased it! :whistle: But from what I saw it seemed that all of you were very nice! :love:

Here are my puter specs...
Optiplex GX745
Win XP Pro vers 2002
Service Pak 3
core2 duo 6600 @ 2.40GHz
2.39 GHz, 3.25 GB Ram
305w power (*soon to be replaced with 600w)
ATI Radeon1300Pro Graphics Card (*looking to replace it with a DDr3/4, 1GB, Asus/ATI/Nvidia)

The system is 4 years old. But up until now it has been fairly decent at rendering large images in a fairly short amount of time, plus has not seemed to have had it's system resources over taxed. I own several 3D programs and as of recently I have had issues with new software, and their being able to use Open GL functions. Vue7 Pro, and Curvy. Plus I have always wanted to get a better power source, but could not due to the dell warrenty. The warrenty expires in Jan 2011. So I decided to start investigating adding a little bit more to this system. I have to keep a 32bit XP system because of some of my older software. Plus I can surf while I render on the other system. But the other system has to wait til Tax time to buy.

I hope this clarified my questions better.

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  1. Please know I found the original thread and was not able to delete this one.
  2. bystander said:
    Here is your old thread, if that helps:

    Yes I am red faced :pfff:
  3. I searched old threads under your profile for future reference. You can do the same.
  4. TY!
    I appreciate the assistance!
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