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Hi guys,

Just wondering whats the best ram upgrade for my dell xps 7100, I do play games and wanted to update my ram, been reading lots about RIPJAWS and BALLISTIX SPORT/TACTICAL , which one is best? Also can I run 1600mhz ram on my Dell?

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  1. Your dell can't take advantage of 1600 memory, so I would get 1333. I recommend you pull one stick and get the same brand if possible. It may be hynix, samsung, or crucial. Crucial guarantees it's ram to work if you buy from their website, but you'll pay a little more. This could save you return costs and restocking fees if your ram won't post. Don't mix ram. Either fill two or four ram slots with the same brand/speed of ddr3, and sell the leftover single stick. You can leave two of the sticks installed and get two more if they are identical. Dell wants you to buy the ram from them, so their boards are very specific about the ram specs. Hard to tell if some brands will work, so the same is your safest choice.
  2. Yea I know about crucial scan and teir stuff that's why I've asked about ballistix sport memory it does come up after scan, I just wana change all ram slot and put new ones I've asked about ripjaws I know you can use it on Dell I've seen some articles, just wanted to be sure that's all.
  3. Anyone know ?
  4. Guess here is hard to get a reply as people arent that botherd
  5. I would post your last question on the dell forum; better chance of finding someone who's updated the 7100 there.
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