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Im thinking a getting amd 6990 but I want the case Coolermaster Elite 430 because its cheap and it has window and good cooling can the AMD 6990 fit in it and how much of it ?
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  1. http://www.coolermaster.com/product.php?product_id=6654 Look at the picutre in the bottom right. With everything inside the case, with the exeception of only one graphics card, that's what you'll roughly be looking at.

    I would recommend a different case if you could afford it though.
  2. ok thanx :)
  3. I saw it doesn't fit does then: CoolerMaster Scout ?
  4. The Cooler Master Scout would work. Are you currently trying for a Gaming PC or replacing old components?
  5. Im going to make a gaming pc with some of my old stuff like my motherboard but for little time maybe. BUt I want to get new ram and everything new except my cpu but is Coolermaster HafX better ?
  6. If your going towards a gaming PC I'd recommend a Full Tower Case which is what the Cooler Master HAF-X is. If you'd rather not spend that much on a case Cooler Master also has other Cases in their HAF product line that are just as great.
  7. Ok are they both as good the HAF X and the others HAF's ?
  8. I have some questions I want Coolermaster Elite 430 but only if AMD 6990 fits in it does it fit and what kind of AMD 6990 should I get or is some difference and how much power supply do I use for that and if I have 2x amd 6990 and can I mix brand like Gigabyte amd 6990 and powercolor amd 6990 or can't I have it mixed but what brand is the best ?
  9. you can swap brands as long as there the same basic make. if you buy 1 with higher clocks then more often than not you will have to use the lower clock settings...
    as for the 430 case its gonna be a tight fit and you may have to sacrifice a hdd bay or 2.
    for a single card setup your looking at 430+ so add a second your looking at a bare minimum of a 800w psu. so add 200w for an overhead and you have a 1Kw psu for cooler quieter running.

    honestly though running 2 of them cards is overkill, there isnt a cpu out that wouldnt bottleneck them even with a major oc.

    over all i dont thing that the elite 430 will offer enough air flow to keep your system anywhere near as cool as you would like... come to think of it there isnt many cases that would offer good enough air flow to cool both them cards and the cpu.
  10. 2x6990? You have too much cash burning your pocket. If you want to go for a Crossfire setup, 2 6970's or even 6950's are better value for money.
  11. You wanna buy a rinky-dink 50 dollar case to house 700 dollar video cards??
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