Pailion a1310n case

Pavilion A1310n I believe is a tower case. Would a phenom 1090t and motherboard fit into case?
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  1. Judging by the look of the computer itself it should fit inside a regular tower case. The Phenom 1090T can use a Micro ATX or a regular ATX Motherboard so you should be fine.

    One question though: Do you currently have the actual Pavilion A1310n computer itself and are just wanting to replace it with a new mobo/cpu?
  2. I have the actual Pavilion A1310n runing xp pro the hd is 65% filled. I bought another hd to store music but Itunes takes up to much room. All pictures and saved things are on second hd system has Kaspersky and error repair and winxp manager to get rid of spyware.
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