Graphics card bottleneck?

Processor: Q6600 @ 2.4ghz
Ram 8 GB DDR 2 OCZ dont know the speed (4 sticks)
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512
Hard Drive: OCZ Agility 64 GB SSD + 640gb Western Digital 7200 RPM for storage
Operating System Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-EP35-Ds3l does not support SLI only DDr2 ram
Power Supply: I have two that I can use a Corsair VX 550w or a Antec Earthwatt 500w

I mostly play games and do not do any video editing and rarely encode video files.

The games I play are Battlefield Bad Company, WoW, Starcraft 2 and CS: Source

I am debating upgrading my Proc/Ram/Mobo since my mobo does not support SLI however I think that my system may benefit from a graphics card upgrade instead?

What do you guys think upgrade Pro/Mobo/Memory or Graphics card unfortunately I cannot do both.


proc/mobo/mem upgrade $460-500 (will get i7-930 if i upgrad proc/mobo/mem)

Graphics card $160-230
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  1. Q6600 is highly overclockable (depending on the stepping?), I suggest you read into it a bit.

    As for a graphics card, your 8800GTS compares quite well today's HD5750 and GTS450. I suggest you look for a minimum of a GTX460/HD6850 as your upgrade.

    Waht's your budget?
  2. $460-500 if I go for the proc/mobo/mem upgrade

    Graphics card $160-230
  3. I think you should keep what you have, 8gig of ram is very good even if it's DDR2.
    Just a simple O.C. of your prossesor would be easiest.
    It looks like you want to buy a whole new computer basicly,my reccomendation would be to save some more money for a new build later on down the road and just get a single graphics card for now and then on your new build crossfire/sli with the graphics card your going to buy now.
    What type of power supply do you have(make/model)?
    And what is your budget for this?
  4. I would also agree with shadow, 6850 and up.
  5. Power Supply: I have two that I can use a Corsair VX 550w or a Antec Earthwatt 500w
  6. If I were you I'd up the ante a bit and go for an HD5850 or so. An ASUS one is really great. Alternatively you could wait for ATI's newer cards, but those are probably going to be around a minimum of $350.

    Your Corsair 550W might support an HD6950, but the most I'd go with that is an HD5870/HD5850/GTX470.
  7. 6870 seems perfect
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