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So I just booted up my PC from sitting for a few months, and my windows 7 would boot to log in screen, and I would log in no problem, But then Explorer would not start up. I could access Task manager, but could not start Explorer as a new task. So I have been trying to install Windows 8 on my SSD, via Iso on USB. I get to the second step of the install "Getting Files Ready" It hangs on 0% and wont go any further. After doing that, I get stuck on Windows 7 boot manager, saying for me to unplug my USB drives, I may have a hardware problem. Error 0xc0009e0 or somthing of the sort.

I have tried multiple Windows 8 Iso's, And ran UBCD via USB, and double checked my 1tb HD, all systems seems well. I don't know hwo to check my SSD, but I don't think its the SSD.

The exact steps I am using for putting the iso on the USB, is thru Windows 7 DVD/USB tool.

I tried to repair my system through the windows 8 repair tool, on the usb boot, and it had said my SSD was locked and that I would need to unlock it before continuing, I've run the system with the SSD solo, and my 1TB Solo, trying to install, the 1TB HD won't show up, I'd have to set up a partition for it, but I am trying to save the stuff I got on it.

I have not tried Formatting the SSD before installing, because again I have some programs on there that I would like to save to my 1tb HD before Formatting it for a fresh install.

Any Advice?

Edit: My SSD is a Corsair Performance Series 3 p3-64 64 GB 2.5 Sata 3 SSD

Edit2: So I formatted my SSD =-= I was able to complete the install up to the first Reboot. When it reboots it says the Boot manager is missing. .

Edit3: lol, was bootiong to the wrong HD, so i fixed the boot manager problem, but I think that I will have plenty more problems at this rate.

Edit4: OK so, now I got a boot loop!!!! It booted to a blue screen with 3 options for like 1 second. Then it jumped into the windows 8 loading screen again, said Getting Devices ready with a loading number. Then rebooted. Now it just goes to the windows 8 loading screen and continuosly reboots.
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