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Okay so i have a list built on a computer i plan on building as my first. I admit, i went a little overboard with some stuff but i'm not entirely sure it's a completely sound system. I was wondering if someone would perhaps take a look and give me an opinion on how well i've done and any improvements i may need.

Here's the list:
I was wanting to make my wish list public but newegg doesn't update what you publish to public list immediately.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Nevermind, I got all of the specs and whatnot straightened out

    Not bad for a $900 limit.
    Rather proud of myself.
  2. You picked a pricey case. You could try to grab a cheaper one and put the extra cash into the video card.

    For example, you could switch the case with Antec Three Hundred Illusion (same as Antec 300 but also includes two front fans): $70

    or the Antec Three Hundred (does not have two front fans) $62

    Going with the Antec 300 would save you $38. You also do not need the PC tools kit and the anti-static wrist strap which if you were to remove them would save you an additional $17. Total savings = $55.

    Now if you put the saving directly into the video card you have $185 to work with. With that you can get a gtx 460 like the sonic version from palit: It is for $190. There is also a rebate which would bring it down to $165 after rebate. It comes with mafia 2 and just cause 2.

    Make sure to not get the gtx 460 1gb SE version. Remember SE= slow version with some cores disable in comparison to the original gtx 460 1gb. Also the gtx 460 is a great overclocker, so if you get it don't forget to overclock for its full potential.

    Note: $25 rebate expires today. But don't fear and don't panic. There is always another rebate. I would let this rebate pass. Palit will likely have another rebate in a few weeks.

    Video cards in the $180-90 price range are the gtx 460 1gb and the hd 6850 which are relatively equal in performance.
    You could also consider this: HIS hd 6870 which is normally in the $240 price range is at $200 after a $20 rebate.
    Assuming you got the rebate, you would be $10 over the $900 limit.
  3. Thanks, this is a lot of helpful advice. I'm willing to sacrifice for now for room for expansion in the future so I think I am going to go with the case I have picked. Plus, with it's $50 instant rebate it's a pretty good sell and has room for water cooling and just overall great cooling from what I read.

    I'll probably take your advice on the toolkit, and use some of that money on a better graphics card, and maybe even splurge a little over my limit for it.

    I don't know a lot about graphics cards so I just used the radeon 5770 as a jumping off point because my friend has one and it seems to handle pretty well.

    Thanks again, I'm off to do a little more research on these cards and see what happens. I'll probably be back in about an hour or so.
  4. You can always crossfire another 5770 down the road.
  5. yea, I saw the stuff about crossfire and i think i'm going to read up on that, the case can supposedly hold 2 decent sized graphics cards as well.
  6. Ok, I've decided what i'm going to do.

    I went with the palit as it has a $30 instant rebate and a $25 MIR and has the 2 games.

    With shipping the grand total is $988.45, before shipping it's $943.88 which is fair enough considering I'm getting about $55 in MIR's, around $120 in instant rebates, and 3 free games. All-in-all, I'd say it's a fair enough trade-off.

    Thanks again for the help guys.

    I'll be updating eventually on how the actual building goes.
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