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New graphics card? is it better?

Looking at buying a new graphics card. Right now i have a XFX 4890. I was looking into buying a EVGA 470... I was comparing the specs and the 470 runs slower then the 4890 so would it really be that much better getting the 470?

Asus P6T
Intel i7 920
Corsair Dominator 3x2 6gb
Western Digital 1tb
Ocz 700watt
XFX 4890
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    The 470 certainly isn't slower, but there are better upgrades.

    I'd get something like an HD5870/GTX480, or rather you could wait for ATI's newest cards (HD6900 series). nVidia's GTX570 is also coming.
  2. Is it worth 23% performance increase?
    Just like shadow said above, get higher card like HD5870/GTX480. Or jump to GTX580 if you have money...
  3. I was looking at keeping it under $300 maybe $350 tops...which one would u recommened for that amount of money... If its not worth upgrading right now then ill just wait. I want to run a dual-monitor setup. I didnt know if the 4890 could handle both at the same time..
  4. You can't go wrong with HD6870 and it is under 260$
  5. 470 is a faster card but why? Why do you want to upgrade. I have a gtx 260 and I can max everything I have at 1920x1080 with my c2d and 4 gigs of ram. I can play crysis with everything on high, with textures on very high (and some other stuff on very high) with 2x aa at 24-30 solid FPS.

    If you had an 8800 I would say upgrade. But there is little point in upgrading. Unless your bank account if infinite. :)
  6. yeah its christmas. My mom wants to build a computer, so I figured I would get a new one and she can have my 4890. Thats more then she will ever really need. So thats really my reasonings on getting a new one. Its free for me so lol. I was really looking into the XFX HD6870 black edition.
  7. Although i read that the drivers suck for it right now...
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