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I'm waiting for parts for a new build. The only thing I didn't order from newegg were speakers. I have a logitech Z-5500 system with what is now going to be my backup rig. I bought a nice card though and want to take advantage of the sound it offers. I got a Asus Xonar Essence. So I would really appreciate some feedback on nice speakers for this rig. Price isn't the first consideration. Quality of sound. The Z-5500 are stinkin loud. They are very good for computer speakers. Just wondering if there are any other speaker options that meet or beat logitech. Thanks.
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  1. Yes there are ton's of speakers that meet or beat Logitech.

    Without knowing your budget, can't make any recommendations.
  2. I'm using some creative 7.1 speakers I've had for years, though it seems most companies, including creative, have gotten away from the 7.1 setup in the PC speaker arena otherwise I'd recommend them.

    Also, money not a first consideration, using the SPDIF connection off the Xonar Essence, you could consider an actual receiver/surround speaker combo if you're looking for superior sound; 5.1 or 7.1. I've been tempted lately to pick up a Denon or Bose receiver/surround sound system you'd normally use for an entertainment center for my gaming rig. This would provide sound well beyond the PC speaker setups. There are even some decent Sony systems for around $300-$400 that would be pretty good.

    Overkill? For some... definitely.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I didn't really understand the first response until I read the second response. I don't want an elaborate setup or anything. Just a basic speaker setup. The Logitech Z-5500 probably had some kind of built in amplifier. Something like that would be fine but I was just hoping to do something different with the speakers this time. Budget is around $400 or so. All suggestions welcomed. Thank you.

  4. I prefer 2.1 set-ups personally.
    Plenty of high-end options in that format.
    The majority are not housed in plastic boxes.
  5. If you're considering some serious flat response monitors/speakers, you could consider these as well:

    These KRK Rokit Powered speakers are something you'll see in every production studio. Seriously, with just about any modern show or documentary about music by which a recording studio is shot as part of the video, you'll see the characteristic yellow speakers sitting in front of the mixing board.

    I have a couple myself. They are incredible. The reason they are so great is they have been designed in a way as to not introduce their own "flavor" into the sound (hence, the flat response). This is why they are sought out for studio setups. What you hear through these is what is recorded or has been recorded. Something like this would be a stereo setup (2.0 or 2.1). People often combine these with a sub of some type to reach the ultra-low ends of the audible/tactile frequency range.

    What is it you're trying to do with this setup? You mentioned "something different"?
  6. I think I am going to go with M-Audio Studiophile. Did a lot of research on these as well as the Edifers. The M-Audio do have a fair amount of complaints but a ton of people use these and some complaints are expected. The complaints had nothing to do with sound quality though. Everyone agreed that they have great sound. A few had issues with reliability though. Hopefully I will get a good set!

    Has anyone ever listened to the 70W. They are just 1" taller and slightly more expensive. Not sure if they would be too much for a desktop.
  7. if your going to spend more money than what a set of logitech speakers will cost you, then dont look at computer speakers, buy hi-fi speakers.
  8. In fact, I did just that. I bought these:

    I liked this review also:

    I'm hoping to destroy any hearing I have left... :-) Actually, just wanting to get realistic sound reproduction. These sit in my office which is connected to my shop so when I'm working in the shop, hopefully I will still be able to hear these. I can hear my logitech Z-5500 out there but they don't sound very good when turned up.
  9. I have Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers. Klispsch is known for making very good quality stereo speakers. Not quite audiophile level speaker manufacturer like B&W, MartinLogan, or Paradigm. Their main competitors mainstream speakers like Polk and JBL.

    Anywaste... the Promedia speakers are great for music and movies from a computer speaker standpoint. The highs are pretty clear and the bass is good, but I would have liked it to be tigher, but these are computer speakers after all. Mid-range on the speakers are also pretty good.
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