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Will a hd6850 be hindered by a PCI-E 16x 1.0? If I had a PCI-E 2.0, would it make a difference? I have heard from someone that 1.0 will not make a difference and that it will make a difference. My final question is, will I lose any performance with a PCI-E 1.0 16x?
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  2. notty22 said:

    OMG! You don't get it! I have heard many different things from people from this site and off this site! I want to get a specific answer! I do noy think you got what I said in the last post. I am trying to get down to the bottom of something and no one is giving me a good answer! Gosh, won't you leave me alone?! :fou:
  3. Yes, you will nose performance, but just a little bit, maybe you won't see the different.
    As for 1.0 slot then just make sure the card is 2.0 and not 2.1.
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