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Okay, So i have been trying to find the "bang for your buck" parts and this is what i have come up with. I'm also trying to spend under $700 for the actual components. I went with the overkill PSU so i can keep it and use it in some of my future builds also.

AMD Phenom II x4 945:

Asus M4A87TD:

HIS Radeon HD 6850: (i was wondering if i should get the GIGABYTE version as it has dual fan thus potentially better OCing)

Antec EarthWatts 750W:

WD Caviar Black 500GB 7200RPM:

Antec 300 Illusion:

Kingston HyperX Blu 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1660MHz:

LG 24x DVD Burner with Lightscribe:

Now for the Accessories. I already have an Acer 18.5" monitor at home and will be using it as the second screen while i save up for the third. And i REALLY like being able to have wireless and not have to run an Ethernet cable through my floor.

Acer 18.5" monitor 1366x768:

TP-Link PCIe x1 wireless b/g/n card:

MicroSoft LifeChat headset (i don't want to buy speakers or a mirophone☺):

and of course Windows 7 Home Premium.

I am open to suggestions and critiques. I think i might go with the GIGABYTE card instead. (same price/more features) With rebates/combos/shipping the total comes to just over $900.
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  1. Defintely upgrade to the x4 955 Black edition, so you have the unlocked multiplier for OC'ing. Also, switch the mobo to the ASRock 870 Extreme 3, it supports Crossfire at x8 x8, which will give you a lot more longevity out of this build. Instead of the WD HDD, go with the Samsung F3 1TB for $55, basically the same performance and twice the storage. Case and PSU are good, I use the Antec 750w myself.
  2. Thanks for the info, i was eyeing the ASRock board for a while myself. is it worht the money to get a BE CPU?
  3. the 945 isn't the best choice for that build. spend the extra $10 for a 955 instead.

    Get the AS Rock 870 Extreme 3 motherboard (which will let you crossfire the 6850 eventually).

    You only need a 500-600W PSU to crossfire 6850s, the 750 is overkill. Try the Seasonic S12II 620W for $79.99, and leaves some overclock headroom

    Get the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB for $55. Its cheaper than the WD, and double the capacity!
  4. Nothing wrong with the build, but I think you would be happier for longer with a sandy bridge 2500K based build. It will be about $100 more.
  5. i honestly CAN NOT spend anymore than $950, i know, lame.
  6. I'd still suggest the Seasonic 620W PSU at $79.99, or its modular version at $94.99. Or the XFX 650W at $94.99.

    All 3 are higher quality than the Ultra 750.
  7. I got the Antec because of first, it has lot's of power 2nd because i want to be able to carry it over into a probably higher endd build when which i'll need the extra power. Plus right now i can get it in a great comba for $59.99
  8. by the way, what is this "Ultra PSU" you mentioned?
  9. :heink: sorry, confused you with a different build.
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