Can't get any drivers to work with MS-7191 and any OS!!

I am trying to repair a friends computer he bought from ZT Systems. The OS corrupted (WinXP Media Center Edition 2005) and he lost his restore disc. I contacted ZT Systems and they want $35 for a restore disc but my friend doesn't want to pay that. I said "no problem" as this is easy, I have installed fresh copies of Windows hundreds of times (literally). Anyway this one is kicking my butt!

So I went and formatted and reinstalled WinXP MCE 2005 and went to MSI's website to get the newest chipset and audio drivers. The only markings on the motherboard are MS-7191 and doing a search on MSI's website it can be one of two boards. Downloaded the drivers for both boards and put them on my USB flash drive and continued installing WinXP. Once down I attempted to install the chipset driver which is an ATI driver. It gave me an error saying a component wasn't found so installation halted. This was a week ago so I can't remember what the error was exactly. From ATI's website I was able to download and install the video drivers for the intergrated video. The audio driver installs and asks for a reboot but when it comes back up there is no sound and windows is telling me there is no audio hardware installed. Ugh.

I have the intergrated ethernet driver but it isn't self installing, it is just a driver file but since the chipset driver isn't installed Windows isn't finding any NIC so I can't manually install.

I am like screw it, lets put Windows 7 on it and see what it finds for drivers manually. Guess what, it doesn't install any drivers manually. I go to ATI's website and find the video driver and it works, go to MSI's and the only Windows 7 driver they have is the audio, I download and install it and again it doesn't work, saying no audio hardware. There are no Windows 7 chipset drivers.

I would love to get Windows 7 working on this system but will go back to WinXP if I can get the drivers to work.

What can I do to get this to work?
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  1. Did you try installing MSI live update?

    You should get the chipset driver from

    Go to motherboard/chipset, Radeon Express series, 200, then Winxp 32bit.
  2. Ok this is kicking my butt!

    Downloaded MSI live update and it says the motherboard is unknown, and of course it can't connect to the internet because the chipset drivers won't install.

    Chipset driver issue, I tried to install them but I get the error "Severe - INF error Video Driver Not Found" followed by a "Setup was unable to complete the installtion. Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup" so I downloaded the video driver installed it successfully, I have all the resolution choices and color levels now ... but I get the same error!!!

    I went to install the sound drivers and get the error "Microsoft Bus driver should be loaded in your system before installing Realtek HD Audio Driver!". In Device Manager there was a yellow exclamation for "SM Bus Controller" so I googled it and downloaded ATI SMBus Driver

    It installed successfully and I have no yellow exclamations in Device manager but I still get the same error.

    I have never had a computer smack me around like this!
  3. Can anyone help?
  4. GameGuru40 said:
    Can anyone help?

    Have you been able to determine the MSI part number of the motherboard?

    Most recent Realtek LAN Drivers:

    Realtek RTL8100C available in RS482M4-ILD, RS482M4-IL, RS482M4-L

    Realtek RTL8110SB available in RS482M4-FD

    Most recent Realtek HD Audio Codecs (All of the MS-7191 models use the same Realtek ALC880):

    Click in the "I accept to the above." check box and then click on the Next command button to get to the download selection screen.
  5. If anybody is still having issues with this I had to do the Following to get Any sound From the Motherboard.

    Step 1: Go to Ebay or Amazon or Any online PC Parts Distributors and Get yourself a SoundBlaster Live! CT4780 PCI Sound Card

    Step 2: When Part Arrives do not Insert it into your pc Quite yet, do the Following First. Enter Bios and Disable HD AZALIA Device, Press F10 and Enter, Now shut the Pc down After Boot up and insert PCI Card When Fully Powered Down.

    Step 3: Go to Device Manager and you will notice Now that there is a Multimedia Controller and PCI Card but no Drivers, Don't Panic I will Run you through this now

    Step 4: Go to Creative Worldwide Support Website and Search the Download List with these options. SoundBlaster, SoundBlaster Live!, SoundBlaster Live! Value (Will Make Sense once you see the Download Subcategory List!)

    Step 5:Download Appropriate Driver but do not open yet, instead Right Click on the exe File and click Properties, Go to Compatability and set to Windows XP (Service Pack 2) And Click Apply.

    Step 6: Now run the exe File as Administrator, Install, Restart and Kaboom you got yourself Working Audio People!

    For some reasons unknown Microsoft ended support for the Onboard audio of this Motherboard (BUT!) For those of you who are Comfortable using Linux, Audio Support is still Available with Most Distros.

    Hope this Helps Anybody who had the Same issue I Did!!
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