Microsoft keyboard displaying odd characters in certain programs.

My Microsoft comfort curve 2000 in some programs displays the wrong characters randomly. For example, the word "more" gets typed as "moro" or some other variant. Seems like it is on the vowels usually, but I think it does it with other characters also.

This only does this, so far, in Full tilt poker and sims medieval. I have checked the regional settings on the key layout and it is US as it should be. It doesn't do it in an office suite, windows bars, or as I type this out on TH.

Tried reinstalling with a generic driver, and tried turning off the num lock. I have never had an issue with num lock being on constantly.

Any ideas?
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  1. Just found out it was a process called GIDD.exe for a program called GuardID or something. It encrypts the keystrokes to prevent keyloggers, but seems to cause havoc in games.

    I uninstalled, and so far so good. It must have came bundled with comcast protection suite, because I installed spybot S&D after I started having this problem.
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