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my laptop has the power light on and seems to start but won't boot. Yesterday I clicked on the <.> button and waited for a while with the Pc switched off and no battery connected and after 30min or so I could switch it back on. Now I am trying to do the same but it just doesn't work.
Any ideas for what might be the problem?


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  1. is anything showing on the screen? If not, the your gpu is dead.
    If you are seeing things then describe what you are seeing and where windows hangs.
  2. So, my screen was black, then after switching on and off the PC several times, clicking <.> and leaving it for 1h and then trying to switch back on if finally started but the menu configuration was weird...I was able to do a back up and restore the system from a previous restored point and it seemed ok. But i am afraid this might happen again and I am unsure what the problem is. Also I noticed in the web that the G1S model has been having these sort of problems quite often, either related to gpu, video screen or motherboard. Any suggestions on what I might do are welcome. I'm not a great expert on solving problems with my pc. thanks so much for the help!
  3. this person has the same problem as you http://forum.notebookreview.com/asus/183373-asus-g1s-wont-start-urgent.html
    it sounds like its a gpu problem. there is not much you can do except back up your laptop and hope it lasts. you cant replace the gpu on a laptop. if you are still under warranty, asus might replace the entire machine for you, just make sure you have a backup of your HD before you send them your laptop.
  4. Update: on page 4 of that link, he says that he sent it to asus and they replaced the motherboard and that fixed it. if you are under warranty, thats what i'd do.
  5. I am not under warranty though...but I'll probably will send it anyway. Thanks a lot for the help!
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