Want to upgrade CPU (help)

Hello Everyone,

I recently bought a Asus Desktop PC. the CM1630 model.

here is the link to the specs


I upgraded the Power Supply to a 800w Rocketfish. I installed a ATI 5770 GPU.

I've read that my CPU which is a AMD Athlon X2 220 Regor is holding me back. It is a Socket AM3 941 pin.

I'm looking to upgrade. Is it worth it with the stock mother board? I want something that can push out a little more power for video games. My current CPU is is always running at like 90%+ in games, its not running hot or anything, its just seems like its holding me back. Plus I've had some stuttering problems with a certain game which I've read was because it uses alot of my CPU. They used the term "Bottlenecking the video card" which I'm not sure what that means exactly.
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  1. 800w Rocketfish, lol. That was an upgrade?

    If there is any bottleneck going on there, it's very minor. You would need to contact Asus tech support about cpu compatability with your motherboard.
  2. Get a quad core phenom II processor - it will be a nice upgrade from your athlon 2 dual core. As GeekApproved says, check for compatibility first.

    Here's a nice cheap one:

    If you want to overclock it, get a black edition like this one:
  3. Get a 95W CPU anyway not a 125W one.
  4. mosox said:
    Get a 95W CPU anyway not a 125W one.

    Why? He has 800w. If the stock 955 fan/heatsink fits, why not?
    He might have to add another case fan, but that,s easy.
  5. mosox said:
    Get a 95W CPU anyway not a 125W one.

    Why not? If another case fan is needed, they are easy.
  6. He doesn't have 800w. He has more like 500 or 550w at the most.

    It's a rocketfish, do the math.
  7. Reviving a old thread, I'm sorry. I recently got back to my project of upgrading this PC. I've done some more research. This is the board I have http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/AMD_AM3/M4A78LTM/#CPUS

    I'm looking at buying a Phenom IIX6 1090T which according to asus is supported by this board.

    I understand one of you believes my PSU is not very great. Still think it will be a problem upgrading to the 125w cpu?

    I've talked to some others who say it won't be a problem. I assume my current CPU which is the 220 x2 regor is a 95w. Anyways let me know. Also; do i update the bios before I install the new CPU or after?
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