Firstly, Hows it going all? Great I hope. For me things have been great, but I am having trouble getting a grip on this whole studio setup thing. It's not so much the equipment as the issue as it is the configuring it all. Warning this one will be moderately lengthy because i have neen doin plenty of HW on this situation...but i have reached a holding point.
Ok here goes.

This is all the equipment I have and issues/ questions with each.

Yamaha Portable Grand Synth. (YPG 235).

It doesnt have midi out but communicates via a mic cord like an electric guitar would.

Is there any way to sync it up with my standalone DAW. (TAscam 2488 NEO?) regarding timing and so forth. I have been using the MTC to get it synced by just adjusting the tempo on the NEO to that which is on the key boad i like. Is this the best way of achieving this?

As mentioned I do have the TASCAM NEO, which but for its learning curve is an excellent device. I still prefer the live feel of recording.
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  1. Also further I have the TASCAM DP 008. A smaller version standalone like the
    NEO? Any way I could sync these up to each other? IS midi in out my answer and how? Would it be too much to synch all three? (THE Yamaha, and both DAWS?) Just a question.

    Besides that i have a fender strat and a takamine acoustic.

    So any way now down to my greatest concern of all. My brother in law just recently sent me a computer (DELL optiplex GX620)
    specs :Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.80 GHZ 3.80GHZ. 2gs of RAM64 bit OS..I have hyperthreading as well running windows 7.
    My second computer is a dinosaur but still kickin. (just fixed it from a crash the day b4 i got the optiplex..that was fun..not. A Dell inspiron 4150 laptop. Im almost about to give up on it. It crashed first while ripping wav files too fast from the fat partition of the TAscam NEO. Just froze dumped the memory. Ive had a hell of a time stabilizing it again. It operates at 1.8 GHZ and has a P4 . 256k of RAM. How can I transfer files directly without going through the NEO or wirelessly? Further what is the best way for me to use these two computers regarding music editing and finalization. once i get Sonar X1? Will my optiplex run sonar efficiently ny itself??? I am planning on recording everything thru the Tascam NEO 2488 the uploading via usb to the optiplex for editing. Then to the 4150 inspiron as an ext HD? Does this seem right?(Saving for a macbook for next year with inc tax refund but need to get by tioll then) Also any way to make both computers work off each other like a dual processor thats not gonna jeapordize or compromise anything? I really like the optiplex and it will evcentually be my evryday comp. DOnt want to mess it up?
  2. There is no need to make multiple threads on this subject, please just stick to the one thread.
  3. ok cool. Im just ready to get on with this show and i have spent countless hours going over all this stuff online and want to make the right decision regarding recording software and onfiguration to achieve great results. This is really stifling my creativity and taking up waaay too much time i could be productive with. Any and ALL help is greatly aprreciated. With all sincerity, i just wanna make music.
  4. Why would you ever want to run your recording software through 2 computers to start with? Build a decent DAW and go with it... I've bee running Cubase 4 on a laptop with 2G's of ram and it just can't take the pressure of mixing multitracks with multiple plugins... So I too am building a DAW just to cover processing recorded audio (my laptop can still cover recording).

    Get everything you need for your personal setup and pump it into your DAW (I will never call my laptop for a daw anymore) and go with it...
  5. As for some reason I'm not allowed to edit my reply I'll give you this too... I would suggest you upgrade your ram capacity too (on your "main" machine)
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