Can i replace my p8h67m pro with a p8z68-v

I have an Asus CM6850-07 with a P8H67-M Pro motherboard and a Core I7 2600 processor. I would like to swap the motherboard since it is fried, with an Asus P8Z68-v pro/gen 3 motherboard. it seems through my research this could work. Does anybody know of any issue in doing this or should it be a relatively easy swap out? I do have a 450 watt psu in place of the stock 350 watt if that would matter. Would it use the same Ram?
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  1. The ASUS Essentio CM6850-07 case is only able to use micro-ATX (a.k.a. uATX) form factor (i.e. 9.6 inch x 9.6 inch ( 24.4 cm x 24.4 cm )) motherboards.

    The ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 motherboard is a full ATX Form Factor (i.e. 12 inch x 9.6 inch ( 30.5 cm x 24.4 cm )) motherboard so it's not going to fit in the ASUS Essentio CM6850-07's case.

    If you're looking for an ASUS Z68 chipset PCIe 3.0 motherboard with a micro-ATX form factor your only choice is going to be the ASUS Maximus IV GENE-Z/GEN3.

    If you don't need PCIe 3.0 then there is the P8Z68-M PRO or the Maximus IV GENE-Z.
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