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Hey guys i have a Hp pavillion dv6 3050tx notebook with ATI radeon 5650 1 gb mobility graphics, HP stock drivers (updated once through hp updater)i7 920 4gb ddr3, i have a very unusual problem with all racing games including Gta 4 and Dirt 2, whenever i try to play games with the laptop's keyboard the game stutters after every 1 or 2 seconds while turning the car with A or D buttons or left right it seems to me that i have some problem regarding my button configuration and i have configured it again but the problem never ends,one day i have played those games with my xbox 360 controller for pc with the controller the game play was working fine with no stuttering i m confused why playing with the laptop's keyboard or any other external keyboard Creating this problem...

This is very serious problem for me please help guys..
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  1. Assuming you have the 64-bit version of Windows 7, go to this link and download and install the most current ATI/AMD drivers for your GPU (Radeon 5650 Mobility).

    If you have the 32-bit version, go here:

    You are experiencing an input delay and updating your video drivers may help. Also, you need to look into your device manager (in COntrol Panel) to make sure all devices are working properly.

    Last, do you experience input delays in any other games and are your games running with the latest patches/updates from each game installed?

    Good luck!
  2. I have installed Mafia 2, Cod Black ops, Assassins Creed 2, all of these games working fine with high graphics setting without any stuttering. so why gta 4 ang dirt 2 are causing problems.
    I have updated all my drivers through HP Updater my drivers are up to date.
  3. I have 64 bit win 7 installed.
  4. navin00 said:
    I have 64 bit win 7 installed.

    HP Updater will not be as current as the vendor websites. I still recommend that you install the x64 version of the current video drivers. It certainly won't hurt performance. Also, did you verify all devices were working properly in Device Manager?
  5. I have tried to install the current vendors video drivers but it did not install as for Hp notebooks we have to install through HP updater software did u know any other way to install video drivers rather than Hp updater and i have verified all my devices in device manager are working properly.
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