Big Bip problem with motherboard and cpu

i would like to ask you a question i had a pavilion dv9850EA which had a graphic card problem i bought a motherboard from ebay from someone he said i dont give warranty its fully working the motherboard which i bought belongs to a pavilion dv9341EU both of them got socket S1 one from foxconn and the second from another company but both of them are Socket S1 i had cpu amd turion 64 x2 tl68 from the dead motherboard i used for the one which i bought (the one which i bought got amd turion 64 x2 tl56) i checked the motherboard wasnt working i gave it back to the guy he said u put a wrong part i think i put the right part because this is socket s1 please guys what do you think??is the motherboard problem because it looks like graphic card ??because we checked with the second cpu it was the same think the guy told me i damaged it because it was wrong part i think hes lying i want to report him to ebay please guys give me an answer
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  1. product comparison between the 2 cpus

    If you put his cpu back in and it still did it then it was either your video card or power supply and not the motherboard, or his board was bad too.
  2. this is a laptop and i think its the graphic card ,i checked the comparison only wattage and core speed is different i need to know if this cpu may damage the new motherboard of his motherboard was faulty i would like to make sure to report him to ebay please
  3. like I said if you put his cpu back in his board and plugged that into your system and it wouldnt power on it was either your video card or his motherboard. The only other option is to get another video card (assuming its a stand alone one and not onboard), then try booting with his mobo and cpu and see if it comes up. I am also assuming you put the ram in his board when you tried to boot it right?
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