Possible MOBO/graphics Card Problem

I have an older socket 478 Asus mobo with a 2.6ghz P4, 2 gigs OCZ Ram, 19 Viewsonic CRT, Creative Audigy 2 ZS, 19 Viewsonic CRT & a Ati X850 Pro. Recently I flashed my X850 pro with a modified bios to unlock 4 of it's pixel pipes. This seemed to work flawlessly for a while and increased performance. I used ATi Tool shortly afterward to see how far it would overclock using the 'find max overclock' option. It got up to 528 mhz & 98 degrees celsius before causing a hard reboot.

These insane temps were only sustained for a very brief period of time, so I didn't think anything of it. Unfortunately, my system started locking up very frequently shortly afterward. I flashed back to the original BIOS which didn't seem to matter. I figured that I most likely damaged the card at this point, but decided to reinstall XP to rule out any other possibility.

I decided to do an OS upgrade reinstall instead of a full reinstall. However, Windows was having a problem copying over multiples files in the middle of it, so I was forced to attempt a full reinstall. Before I even had the chance, the graphics card started causing extreme artifacting on the BIOS startup screen after I rebooted, so I shutdown.

When I booted it back up, it took a while before a picture would even appear on screen. It looked normal for a few seconds and then begun artifcating again. In addition to this, the monitor would kick off intermittenly. And when it came back on, it caused the system to reboot. I can't even get to the Windows reinstall screen before these problems kick in.

I tried throwing in my spare AGP Nvidia FX5200, and it wouldn't even display a picture. I purchased an Radeon 3850 as a replacement, and it fails to display a picture as well. Strangely enough, my X850 pro is the only graphics card that will display a picture. Do you think I've damaged the AGP slot or possibly the entire motherboard?
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  1. Try unplugging the hard drive and going straight into system BIOS. If the system won't post with 1 DIMM RAM and video card only there is some hardware issue. MB, CPU and PSU are all that's left.
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  3. 98ºc isnt too hot for a video card dont worry about that

    this is an AGP/DDR1 system therefor is ANCIENT - test all your hardware

    also if you spray some contact cleaner or WD40 or RP7 into all the slots (take out the ram and video and literally paint the slots) this will help oldersystems

    perhaps its time for a new rig seriously
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