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I just built a new pc but my HDD isn't being recognized when i'm trying to install windows 7 professional 64 bit. I have a 500gb WD HDD and a Gigabyte z68MA-D2H-B3 Motherboard, the HDD is plugged into the board with a SATA cable. Any idea on why its not being recognized?

Please help.
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  1. I assume that both the SATA cable and SATA power cable are connected.

    Use the blue SATA Port for the HDD:

    | B/Blank | B/HDD | W/Blank | .... CPU
    | B/Blank | B/DVD | W/Blank |
  2. Not being recognized by what? Bios? My computer? Device manager?

    Did you initialize the hd in disk management?
  3. The HDD is recognized by the Bios....Its a brand new WD HDD... When i try to install windows 7 the HDD isn't being recognized. I'm thinking its Windows 7, any thoughts on how to fix this.
  4. Then the problem is 80% DVD or 20% Windows 7 (lacking drivers for DVD). The 'Fix' is to use/create a USB install. You need a 4GB Flash Drive and create an ISO.

    Link1 (ISO) -
    Link2 (DVD) -
    Link3 (DVD different tutorial) -
  5. I actually have windows on a thumb drive and dvd and both are doing the same thing.
  6. Then I assume there's an OS already on the HDD - reformat it.

    Otherwise see ->
  7. This is what i did..... I took a laptop hdd and placed it into my desktop. I booted my desktop with the laptop hdd. I then placed the WD HDD ( the one that i've been having trouble with) as a second hard drive. I noticed that windows recognized the WD HDD and could write to it. I also reformatted the WD HDD. I then tried to run the windows installation from my laptop hdd so i could install it on my WD HDD and once again it didn't recognize it. I thought maybe i could clone my laptop HDD to my WD HDD and Acronis "clone software" couldn't recognize the WD HDD as well. This is frustrating...... Why can i write to the WD HDD but cant install the OS.
  8. Your not explaining what your trying to booted a desktop with your laptop hd?? Why? Why are you cloning the drive?

    So you can write to the drive but it's not recognized....what are you writing to the drive?
  9. ^+1

    Simply install the DVD + HDD as I posted above. I can certainly understand when a DVD fails (failure happens often enough), but not when a 'Correct' USB install is used as I also linked above. I very rarely use the DVD to install an OS, and you MUST use the native USB 2.0 ports -- USB 3.0 will NOT work.
  10. figured it out.....the hdd is broken..... ran some tests on it to see if it could write zeros and it i got a bunch of errors.
  11. hmims said:
    figured it out.....the hdd is broken..... ran some tests on it to see if it could write zeros and it i got a bunch of errors.

    If the HDD is brand new, then why you are going to fix HDD errors? Simply get a replacement.
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