Hmmmm - MOBO, SSD or Config issue?

Hi Guys

Please see my sig for the machine spec in question.

Overall the system is superb, runs fast, cool and quiet. I get great performance etc......

But I have a small, odd problem. If left alone for a long while, overnight for example it will reboot. But it won't boot back up successfully, I don't have the exact error to hand but basically it can no longer see my OS disk. In the POST screen it says no disk detected. Once I unplug the machine for 10 seconds and try again all is good EVERYTIME.

Weird no?
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  1. When the problem happens again, crack the case open and unplug the power from the hard drives, then plug them back in. Do a soft reboot (ctrl+alt+del) and see if the drives are recognized. If they are, that points to the drives and / or SATA controller. If you still need to power off for 10 seconds I would try disabling the power management in the BIOS...
  2. If I do a reboot normally it is perfect, so I am thinking that it is a simple driver issue and your comments seem to support that. I will have a look for updated drivers tonight! Thanks for the quick response!
  3. I've just updated the SATA drivers and the BIOS, I will leave on overnight to test.
  4. Have you seen the news about the P67 chipset and the SATA controllers? That may be related... :(
  5. Errrr, no I haven't???

    Machine was still on this morning though, I'm hopeful that it may be fixed.

    There's been an issue with degrading SATA controllers in "some" P67 boards (those that use the Cougar Point chipset - I don't know which ones those are, but they are limited to P67 boards). It will affect SATA ports 2-5, but not 0 and 1 apparently. Sadly, if you RMA'd you wouldn't see a replacement until at least March.
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