Does this work?

I'm trying to get a wireless connection on my desktop, but I'm not sure if this will work. Do all adapters work on all computers? Do I need to get a specific adapter for my router? Here is the adapter I'm trying to buy.

Is this a good one for its price?
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  1. Not all adapters are compatible w/ all computers. At a bare minimum you have to have hardware-level compatibility. In this case, the ASUS is a PCI express card, so you would need a PCI express slot available on your motherboard. Even when ppl do have a PCI express slot available, it may be blocked by other add-on cards, particularly by some of the more expensive and larger video cards now on the market.

    So before you even consider a wireless adapter, know what hardware options are viable for your desktop. You may have an available PCI express slot, or if not, you may have to consider a PCI or USB wireless adapter instead. You could even consider a wireless Ethernet bridge (that would convert your wired Ethernet port into a wireless connection).

    Is this a good wireless adapter? I tend to stay away from those arguments because when it comes to wireless, there are just as many ppl who swear *at* a particular product as those who swear *by* it. There are just too many variables, many of which are not even under the control of the manufacturer (environment, location, interference, etc.). You have to take any comments, good or bad, w/ a heavy grain of salt. But if the reviews at Newegg are any indication, at least the # of negatives reviews is only about 10% (that’s what I tend to look at first, the general trend, then skim for any details that might put up a red flag, such as a known compatibility problem). It doesn’t seem to be an outright loser of a product.
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    eibgrad said it all.
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