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Greetings folks,

Recently the Shuttle system I put together for my fiance many years ago went belly up. I've decided to scrap the Shuttle and build her a brand new SFF system. She's got a TON of Photos/Music and does some minor photo editing from time to time.

I'd like to keep the budget between $500 and $600.

Here's what I'm thinking:

Case - Silverstone SG05 450 - $119

Mobo - Gigabyte H55N - $104.99

Ram - G. Skill DDR3 4GBs - $46.99

CPU - Intel i3 550 - $104.99

GPU - Sapphire 5670 - $79.99

Hard Drive - Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB - $59.99

Samsung Slim CD/DVD Burner - $26.99

Total: $563.93

What do you folks think?

Another option is to build a "Sandy Bridge" system for about $200.00 more.

Thanks for the advice!
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  1. Any thoughts? I'm about to place an order....
  2. Never-mind, posted in wrong forum, sorry!
  3. I realize this may be a bit late, but...

    That case has only one internal drive bay. For someone with a "ton" of photos / music, multiple hard drives may be desired. Take a look at the Lian Li PC-Q08. That case will mount more drives than a mini-ITX board typically has SATA ports, and takes a standard ATX PSU; I would suggest a modular one, but a PSU with relatively short cables like a 380W Antec Earthwatts would do. It also takes a standard optical drive.
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