Please help me choose the right UPS for my build

I am building a new rig and here are the specs:

Intel Core i7 2600k
Asus P67 Pro Motherboard
NVIDIA Gtx 560 SLI Graphics Card
750W TX750 Corsair PSU
22" Dell LED Monitor

I need an UPS that will be able to carry the load for this build. My preference is APC and I am eying this model:

The question is will it be enough to support the load of a system with GTX560 SLI and the 22" LED Monitor? While the 1000VA looks more than enough in paper, its output power capacity seems to be rather low at only 600W (0.6 PF). Doesn't most UPS these days have atleast 0.8 power factor?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. What country? That one outputs 230V so if you're in the US it's not good.
  2. mosox said:
    What country? That one outputs 230V so if you're in the US it's not good.

    I am from India, so 230V voltage output is what I need.
  3. JackNaylorPE said:

    Read all that but to be honest I can't do without an UPS no matter what may come because of random & frequent power cuts in my area.

    Another thing, not every UPS model is available in my area, so I can only choose what's available in my city and I also prefer to buy from the local market as opposed to importing it from a foreign country because of warranty issues. Also a $301 UPS is an overkill for me. If I had that much money to spare, I could basically get any 1.5 KVA UPS I wanted.

    I don't want links to sites selling UPS because I know where to buy what I want. I am simply asking if a 1100VA UPS will be good enough for a system (full specs given in first thread) with GTX 560 in SLI?
  4. Basically, the 1500VA APC models are way too expensive compared to the 1000VA or 1100VA models (almost 2.5 times the price of an 1kva model). So unless absolutely necessary for my rig, I don't wanna buy it.
  5. No input guys?
  6. Not many UPS on the sites I know in there, have some links to sites? Cyberpower UPS are available in there?
  7. Dude I don't need link to any UPS. I know what to buy and where to buy.

    All I am asking is a technical question. Let me simplify it a bit...will 660W (~1100VA) power output capacity of an UPS be enough for the build I mentioned in the first post or will it fall short?
  8. So nobody knows? Sigh..
  9. bump!
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