GTX 460 on my computer?

hey guys. I am planning to upgrade my video card to the nVidia GTX 460. I currently own this config :

I need to know:

1-If I have enough space (see links)
Rear view:
PCI slot :
GAINWARD GTX 460 front view:

2-Whether I'll need to buy a power supply, a fan, or anything else?

Thank you!
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  1. I have the same mobo, upgraded to a gtx 460 about a week ago.

    1. you'll have space, but it will be a really tight fit. You might have to remove one of the pci cards
    2. 300W is weak, you should probably get something in the 500W range. I got the 1GB cyclone from msi, it runs idle ~30c and peaks at about 70 under load
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