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Question about ram just need a little advise

alright so i got a quad channel kit of 4 x 4GB for christmas but my mobo says it only handles 8gigs. (yes i have 64bit os so im fine on that end. but what i need to know is can i install just two of the 4gig sticks and run that?
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  1. What board?
  2. System Manufacturer: MSI
    System Model: MS-7588
    Motherboard Manufacturer: MSI
    Motherboard Model: P55M-SD40 (MS-7588)
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    According to this:, your board can use up to 16 gb of ram, but it may run at 1066 if the board is oem (hp, compaq, etc) with no ram adjustments in the bios.
  4. it was bought online i built the computer. its 1600 ram so if i adjust it in bios it should run at 1600?
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  6. Yes. If your bios has a manual setting for ram, you should find some higher settings than 1066.
  7. thank you so much. and if my bios dosnt, is there another way to do so?
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