What is this? What is all the " 4xAA, etc... stuff?

I have a GTX460 (EVGA)
Phenom 2 x4 965
ASRock Xtreme 770
1 TB samsung spinpoint HDD
2 x 2gb DDR3 1600 Kingston HyperX memory

I simply put the thing together, tweaked the memory from 1333 to 1600, installed windows 7, adn thats it. Should I be doing some tweaking to my GPU? And what should I do? Please give me some detailed advice, so i dont mess anything up. I want the best performance I can get, ya know?
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    You are probably better off leaving the settings in the control panel at their defaults or at least until you learn what they do. Use in game settings instead.

    AA in the 4xAA stands for anti-aliasing. I did a search, and this link shows some good pictures to help illustrate what it is:
  2. You should OC your card if you want better performance , that is increasing GPU clock, Memory clock, and Shader clock. But firs check on internet how far can you go with your GPU.

    If you want to OC I would recommend you MSI Afterburner. Good luck.
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  4. Here is a better artical for you. It's more gamersentric:
  5. that last link isnt opening for me
  6. Weird, it is opening for me. I'm assuming you aren't using Internet Explorer, and what you do have doesn't recognize .shtml (I have never noticed that extension on anything before.)
  7. i am using IE, but im at work, on a 1947 compaq WWII edition or something :)
    I just tried it a couple more times, it worked, gonna take a look now. Thanks again
  8. yup, that was a great link. I feel like an anti-aliasing pro now. Thanks =)
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