Upgrading QX9650 to i5 2500K ?

I was wondering if it would be worth it to overhaul my system from a QX9650 to an i5 2500K ?

The rig is a primary gaming system, current specs are:

Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate
Gigabyte EP45-UD3L
Intel QX9650 4.0GHz (on water)
8GB HyperX T1 1066 (4x 2GB)
1TB Seagate Barracuda
Ultra LSP 750w PSU

Would I see a huge performance increase by going to the i5 2500K? Or is my current cpu @4GHz enough to wait until Ivy Bridge?
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  1. Yes..I was too lazy to post benchmarks..
    It has become irritating to post benchmarks.
  2. Yes! A simple benchmark!
  3. Not worth it if you're a gamer. If you're itching to splash some cash get an SSD as that will improve your Windows and gaming experience.
  4. Or a nice new 27" Dell monitor.
  5. I did go from a QX9650 to a i7 2600k, though mostly because my old PC bit the dust [motherboard issues with my 790i and a dead GPU]. There is a performance increase, but personally, you should at least wait for Ivy Bridge, if not Haswell to release. You still have plenty of processing power.
  6. At equivalent clock rates, there is a small improvement from say the core2quad to an i5-750, then another improvement from that to the sandybeach processor. Of course there is another adavantage because you could get the new processor to 10 or 20% higher clock rate. So overall you could improve your CPU performance by 50% or more. However Toms tests have usually shown that once your CPU gets to a certain point then the GPU system becomes the limiting factor.

    Someone recently posted an overclock of their 2500k to about 4.5GHz, along with their SuperPi 32M times. I'm sitting at an E8500 at 3.8GHz and the 2500k almost cut my times in half.

    Now if you were running video encoding or something like that, it would be worth the upgrade.
  7. I guess the 1 benchmark I was looking at was COD Black Ops.....

    Yes, its silly to overhaul for a game, but the poor optimization of Black Ops (being so CPU heavy) can hit my system with sub 60fps in certain areas of the game...

    I heard from a few people that going to a newer architecture has improved the issues........is there any proof?

    I was just wondering if there were any gamers out there that shared that same experience?

    Thanks again for all the helpful insight so far :)
  8. Wait for Ivy bridge your CPU is still capable plus it's OC.
  9. Yeah and sell me your 9650 when you do, when you have as many kids as I do You can not afford to get a totaly new setup.
  10. spentshells said:
    Yeah and sell me your 9650 when you do, when you have as many kids as I do You can not afford to get a totaly new setup.

    I've promised the QX9650 to a friend (who already has a mobo and memory) If you're serious about building another PC, I have a Q9650 (only used for 3 months before I was able to grab my current cpu) and the mobo/memory (as shown in my current system specs) if you would like it.

    Email me if you're interested :)

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