GTX470 Pric drop?

Do you guys think that the GTX470 will drop in price once the 570 is released?
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  1. eveyrtime a card comes into the lieup it shifts the previous generations down so the 470 won't be any different. it'll be gradual though, a small drop at first and then a few more small drops over the few montshs after as things settle probably drop 50 bucks after 3-4 months so in the 200-230 range
  2. That's great. Well a couple of more days and the 570 is out. I am hoping they wont put the pricetag way to high, if they do ill be getting the Gigabyte 470 or 6870BE. Havent deccided yet =) Thanks for the reply
  3. The 470's are dropping like a stone right now, and should continue to drop after December 8th. A good 470 like the Gigabyte SOC is a really good purchase as it eliminates any concerns about heat and noise. It's also factory overclocked to reach GTX480 levels of performance.
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