Bent cpu pins on motherboard?

hi all, Thanks for any help, please be gentle...

I tryed pushing my cpu down a bit hard possible upside down in socket.

now i see a few imperfections under magnifying glass. I ran my finger over socket pins and a few was higher than the others.

Am i screwed? again..

Are a few pins bad enough to make it not work at all? I cant RMA..

Asus Rampage IV
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  1. What do you mean by "upside down in socket"? The only way to find out is to put the CPU in and see if your computer works. I bent three pins on my chip and it fortunately still works so just hope for the best.
  2. im completely lost, question makes no sense, looking forward to answer lol

    few bent pins no prob, just align them nice to go into socket, rest i don't get

    btw you have one chance to straighten pins, if you move them more then once they brake
  3. I highly recommend not to turn it back on as there is a chance of causing a short and frying board or cpu. I have had experience in this and have repaired it but first what socket type is it as you may depending on the socket attempt to pry back the pins be careful
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