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So the title says it for the most part.

I upgraded from a ATI Sapphire 4670 512MB GDDR3 card with the 10.11 drivers installed, and keep in mind over the years of owning this GFX card, I have NEVER had this problem. Now last night I installed a XFX5830 1GB GDDR5, with the 10.11 drivers and now the text anywhere from the BIOS to OS to websites, is fuzzy and blurry to the point its causing problems with my eyes and making it hard to read for any length of time from the screen, which is not good as I read ALOT on my PC everyday.

I have not changed ANYTHING else, monitor hook-up, screen resolution, everything is exactly the same, besides for the new GFX card.

Any tips or ideas as to the cause or solving this issue will be much appreciated, as I cannot put up with this too long and I need it to be fixed one way or another.

Thanks in advanced.
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  1. Well... it seems that I have solved my issue. My TV for which I use as my monitor also, a Sony KDL37XBR6 LCD TV, has an "Automatic Screen Centering" function, once I ran this auto tune, it seems to have resolved the problem, as my text looks to be much more clear now and does not appear to be fuzzy or blurry anymore.
  2. Well it seems now that the solution I found was only temporary. If I play a game that at a different resolution than my desktop, which is all of my games, the text goes back to being blurry. Also after a restart the text is blurry again.
  3. [UPDATE] The screen and GFX card are now going out of sync at random without any changes to the resolution settings.
  4. [UPDATE] If anyone knows about the phase settings on lcd monitors and how it relates to the signal that is coming from the GFX card, could you please explain how that works and why it would be constantly changing and not stay at the same frequency, after playing a game, loading a program or restarting the computer it would be greatly appreciated, as I think that is the source of my problem.
  5. Any suggestions? I have not been able to fully resolve this issue and XFX tech support has stopped responding to any of my questions as of last week. I am going to return the card if I don't not find a solution by the end of the Post Office business hours today.
  6. Finally, after two weeks, XFX has informed me it would be best to RMA the card due to their claim that it would take months to troubleshoot the problem and find the cause and even then they would not know if it would be possible to fix the issue.
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