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I want to stop paying for satellite tv and use internet, netflix, hulu, etc. for home entertainment. I am thinking that a dedicated Home Theater pc would be better than a roku.
I am not an expert, but I have built about a dozen home systems over the years, so I am comfortabe with a home build.
I am looking for advice on a homebuilt system for home theater, for streaming netflix, capable of high definition.
I have internet access available at 3, 5, and 10 mbps.
What level of components do I need for this application, such as what cpu, how much ram, and how much video card. Perhaps you have specific recommendations for a build.
I apologize if this has been recently addressed, and would appreciate any recommendations or directing me to another thread.
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  1. Oh, and a low budget would be appreciated.
  2. A mere dual core CPU, 4GB RAM, and a low power, low profile, low heat (passively cooled if applicable) GPU are the main components that you will need.

    With that being said, An Athlon II X2, a single piece of 4GB RAM (2 x 2GB dual channel preferably, yet not mandatory), and an HD5570 are the parts that fits your criteria for budget.

    Since you're using it as a replacement for your satellite TV, I assume HD contents are not your main concern. Thus, eliminates Bluray and HD audio bitstreaming features.

    HTPC is usually about mini-ITX case and motherboard, remote control, and low power consumption for 24-7 usage and/or idle. At least that's what I heard from the guys who build them :lol: These considerations should be taken into your account. Although they're not the main factor.

    Good luck!
  3. Would anyone care to add to this?

    I am looking to put together a system that is also HD-capable with Bluray and HD audio bitstreaming to an AV Receiver over HDMI. I currently have an Onkyo TX-SR 906 with 5.1 active speaker system, an LG BD390, a Panasonic PT-AE2000U, and I'd like to put together a solution that could serve multiple purposes (although it will be mainly an HTPC). I would need to run the box 24/7 so lowest power consumption as possible would be great and of course like with any HTPC, the quieter the better.

    Besides HTPC I would like to use the box for a few other things... here are most (although not all) of the way I plan to use this system:
    - watching HDTV via basic cable/HD antenna (not a big fan of TV, basically I only watch PBS and some newscasts),
    - DVR in case I bump into the sporadic event or program I'd like to record,
    - VoIP with to receive/make calls using a magicjack adapter,
    - light gaming (like 2nd life, WOW),
    - running a file sharing/FTP/torrent services (serving many linux distros and free/open licensed digital legal content),
    - audio and video server to access my digital collection of personal content that I plan to also make accessible to my family over remote connection.

    So, in short, I am looking for a more versatile solution that is not just a sat box replacement, but a full-fledged HTPC with a few bonuses :D and I thank in advance anyone who will be able to give me a couple pointers!


    PS: Also future-proofing would be much appreciated so if I have to spend extra $100 for a solution that will go a year further I'm game!
  4. There is an entire section about this on the site below it may help you out a bit.
  5. Thank you galeener, as a matter of fact I am already familiar with the info at avsforum (among other sites)... so I was wondering if someone had something similar to what I am looking to put together or had a specific configuration to suggest. Again, many thanks for the great pointer, AVS is one of my preferred "reference" sites when I am looking for answers to AV questions ;)

  6. Something like
  7. I had built a couple on paper before I;ll have to find my note book to remember what I came up with.
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