Is it time for me to do a complete rebuild?

Here is what I have:

CPU: Q6600 G0 @ 2.4ghz OC'd to 3.6 ghz
Mobo: eVGA nForce 780i SLI
Video: (2) BFG nVidia 8800GTX OC SLI
Sound: SB X-FI Extreme Gamer
Memory: 8GB G.Skill 5-5-15
PS: Thermaltake Toughpower 850w
Cooling: Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
Case: Antec Nine Hundred
OS: Vista x64
Purpose: Gaming

I'm not even sure where this rig stacks up by today's standards as I've been out of the loop for quite sometime. This system has served me well for the past 3 years or so. It still plays all my games at almost top settings but the newer game's requirements coming out are beginning to pass me by. I do not like to turn down graphics settings at all so you can see the delimma. If I wanted to play games at sub-par graphics, I would be strictly a console gamer.

This system is probably beyond just needing a new graphics card I would assume.

I'm looking for recommendations on what I should do. I would love something that would last me for the next 3 years in the gaming department but also not break my wallet. Trying to stick as close to $1k as possible. This is not a hard set in stone budget but just something I would like to try and stay near if possible.

Thanks to all,
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  1. Welcome to the Forum!

    If you decide to upgrade, the parts that you replace will not be of much use. Consider selling this and then spec out a new build.


    Keep this computer as a second computer, and build a brand new one! These days, the idea of a 2nd. computer is convenient as a fall-back option.
  2. I think you could get a few more months, maybe a year out of it with a new GPU. 780 chip is older, but still works. The CPU isnt bad, would keep pace with many AMD quads. PSU looks fine to me. Honestly, unless your a serious gamer, a nice 200 - 300$$ GPU should pull you along for another 6 months minimum. Then move the GPU into the new build, sli or crossfire with another and you would be good for a couple years IMO. You might get some money for those 8800 if you sell them as a set too. They are still decent cards in an sli set up, aren't they?
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