MSI GTX 460 Hawk on sale for $159.99 AR

Just a quick note, NewEgg has the MSI GTX 460 Hawk on sale TODAY for $189.99 WITH a $30 mail in rebate AND Free Shipping!

Unfortunately I already ordered the Talon Attack version a couple days ago :cry: and paid a now whopping $215 for it!!! AHH!! I considered calling to try and change my order, but, I'd have to get a refund, then it would take a few days or a week to get the funds back on my Visa gift card. In addition, by the time all that is taken care of it is quite likely the card will be all sold out. So if I can't benefit from it, at least you fine folks at TH should know!

I'm still thrilled to be getting a Talon Attack, but, most people on NewEgg are reporting that their GTX 460 Hawk is actually arriving clocked at Talon Attack speeds AND it has the Hynix 0.4ns memory on it! Of course your mileage may vary. However, even if you receive the 'standard' Hawk it an incredible bargain for $159.99 after rebate.

The Hawk was selling for $212 just the other day including shipping w/ a rebate of $20. I also checked around several other websites the other day and nobody had it for a better price.

So if you're in the market for a GTX 460 Hawk, or maybe even a second one. Here is the link for you.

You must add it to your card to see the final price. NewEgg Business website said that they had 20+ left in stock, although, I'm not sure if those numbers are an indication of inventory on the regular NewEgg site. The card is at the same sale price on both sites, but obviously, NewEgg business is only for companies with accounts.

Hopefully I'll get over pulling the trigger a day to soon on the Talon Attack, heh. I'm sure once it shows up I'll be OK. Unfortunately they didn't ship it out until today, even though I ordered it very very early on Wednesday morning around 3am Central. They are probably just getting back at me for never paying $2.99 for rush processing, lol.

I was wondering if they possibly held the order for a day in case I called in to cancel it and buy the Hawk on sale, however, I think that is giving them WAY to much credit, hehe. I stayed up until 7am, 30 minutes before they open the phone lines, but, I was too exhausted so I gave up. Also, I'm pretty sure all they could do for me would be to cancel the order and refund the Visa GC balance. So I'm done complaining now, hopefully some of you appreciate the tip and get in on it before it is too late!

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    They've also just a moment ago made this part of the 'IRON EGG' Guarantee. Meaning they will price match from 11/22 to 12/24 and also you can return the product for 60 days. I believe the usual VGA return/replace policy is 60 days as well. Was 30 days for a while there, but is 60 days at the moment. The price match thing is nice though.

    One thing to keep in mind though, once you cut the UPC off the box for a rebate, you can no longer return the products to NewEgg and you would have to go through MSI if you needed to RMA the card. Obviously no big deal, but, just something to be aware of.

  2. I live in SE Asia, could they deliver it here?
  3. You're just a little bit unlucky, buddy...
    BTW, nice info you got there, danyulc.
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