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Hi I am planning to get a 2500k and would like to know which motherboard offer the most value for money, given my local pricing. I am new to overclocking and will probably learn to OC to ~ 4.3 (at this speed, would I need to get an additional fan?)

ASROCK Z68 PRO 3 GEN 3 SGD 219 (whats the difference between pro3 and extreme 3?)
ASROCK Z68 Extreme 3 GEN 3 SGD 279
Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3-B3 SGD 225
Biostar TP67XE B3 SGD 189
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  1. Are you planning to do SLI/Crossfire? What graphics card are you planning to drop in? These are what'll determine it.
    Yes, you should get an aftermarket cooler for OCing. The Hyper 212 EVO is great at $35, and the Hyper TX3 is OK at $20 (go EVO).
  2. Hi I am planning to drop in use either HD 6950 or 560 TI. I do not think I will be doing SLI or crossfire in the near future.

    In this case, will a 600 to 650 PSU suffice?
  3. A 500W PSU would be enough for a single card.
    Might as well take the Extreme3, as I think it's the cheapest. You don't need a fancy mobo. Most people'll get an expensive board either for features, like tons of SATA ports, or better CPU overclocking. Most people don't need the features, and you won't need to push the limits of your 2500K (4.0ghz would be just fine.)
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