New Build Help – First power up and operating system install

Hi – have just finished building my PC (first build ever) and not 100% sure what to do next

Should I power up and test to see if everything is working or go straight to installing the operating system?

If I power up to test, what should I expect to see on the screen, I assume the Bios will come up, will it ask me to do anything?
If I insert the windows 7 CD and then power up- will it automatically boot from that or do I need to set the Bios first to boot from the DVD/CD?

Sorry for asking such basic questions - just worried I’m going to stuff something up !!

Many Thanks

Coolmaster half X
ASUS P8P67 Pro Intel P67 DDR3 USB3+SATA3 LGA1155
Intel Core i7 2600K Sandy Bridge 3.40GHz 8MB 95W LGA1155
Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C8 Vengeance 2x4GB DDR3-1600 CL8
Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 64MB Cache SATA3
Samsung SH-B123A 12x Blu-Ray Combo Drive SATA
Corsair AX750 power supply
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  1. I always start it to make sure everything spins. Then insert the OS disk and it should start to load. Once OS is loaded then you'll need to install the drivers, check for bangs, fix them, then I load the protection and bechmaring software. Check temps, speeds, reset if necessary. Keep and eye on the temps, especially the cpu. Benchmark it and then tune it.
  2. Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated
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    1. Download all the MoBo and other component drivers as no doubt, more than half the ones boxed w/ your hardware are outdated. Save to a CD or USB stick.

    2. Read the MoBo manual. Make sure ya did each and every step in the assembly process including connecting all the extra power cables.

    3. Turn it on and enter BIOS. Go thru all BIOS options making sure that CPU and RAM are identified properly and that both are running at correct speeds and timings. If ya don't get here, then figure out what step ya didn't do.

    4. This step I know I should do next but truth be known I usually skip it. Most times I get away with it. When I don't, I cure myself for not doing it as it woulda saved me lotta headaches. This step is "Run Memtest". I do at least two hours as an initial test....before I take box of the testbed, I run overnight. Any errors and get ya RMA for the memory.

    5. Install OS, and I recommend doing this on it's own partition. Much easier to replace 64 or 128 GB of data when the OS gets fudged than a full 2 TB drive with all you data and program updates.

    6. Run Windows update till it says done ... usually takes 4 or 5 times.

    7. Format the rest of your drive the way that works for you....1 partition works if that works for you, others may want sepaarte ones for different purposes. Again, do what works for you.

    8. Throw in MoBo CD and install all drivers to (to C:\ if ya did more than 1 partition). Then install all Utilities and Programs (i.e. Adobe Reader usually comes on this CD) to wherever ya like. See step 1; install the updated drivers. NOTE: you can skip the ones on the "boxed" CD if you know they are outdated; however, I have found that every once and a while I can't install a new driver unless I have installed the original driver on the boxed CD 1st ... rare but it's happened.

    9. Grab the CD's that came with all ya other components and install the drivers thereon. See Step 1 and note in step 8 above.

    10. Download OCCT and put ya system through the torture tests at stock settings. resolve any issues.

    11. Do a system backup.

    12. If ya so inclined, start playing w/ ya OC's.

    13. Customize your Windows preferences, set up networking, etc

    14. Install ya programs, games, transfer data

    15. Have some fun

    Install ya programs, games, transfer data
  4. Awsome feedback, thanks very much -will make the process much easier for me!
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