Good ram available to buy today for asus crosshair iv formula

hey guys just wanna ask what is good RAM for my motherboard (AC4F) my cpu is AMD 1090t trying to OC to 4.0 stable..i have ripjaw 1333 2x4g right now but when i use prime 2 cores fails,so im guessing its my ram..i googled and find a lot of kind of ram,im new to overclocking..i tried multiplier to x19 then cpu freq to 211 then auto everything,didnt touch anything related to ram either.when im playing games like bf3 and Rift i didnt get any blue screen,is it fine?i still want to change my ram to better ram pls suggest any,any price is ok,must be 2x4g or 4x4g..i read that corsair dominator GT or the regular dominator is ok,but still wanna know which is better,pls help..

p.s i need guide for OCing my cpu to 4.0 stable..need to know which 1 to change in the bios (everything) :D
im just a gamer btw..any help is appreciated and sorry for bad english :(
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  1. no reply..pls need some help :(
  2. Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz works atreat or Patriot Viper Black Mamba, either of them will do you good.
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