Case fans no longer turn on after installing motherboard

I installed an ASUS Rampage III Formula motherboard today, as well as a new i7 CPU and new RAM. I am using the same PSU and GPU. I haven't yet closed my case or plugged my computer into my monitors yet, as my desk space is fairly constricted and it's a major pain to move my tower in and out.

I'm thinking there might be some sort of BIOS causing this, but my fans are only plugged into my Thermaltake Toughpower XT 775w.

Any ideas?
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  1. Does the mobo come on after you hit the power switch or does it stay off too?
    The case fans will come on only after the PSU starts giving out power to the Mobo and other peripherals since they are all connected to the PSU.
  2. I'm not sure what you mean by the mobo coming on, other than the obvious meaning. The lights on the motherboard activate, and my GPU and CPU fans all turn on.
  3. Ok, then the PSU is pumping power, have you tried to change the case fans to another connector on the PSU? could be just a dead socket or a defective wire....
  4. I can't think that's the case, or it's pretty unlikely due to two factors.
    First, I used these fans earlier this morning before I replaced the motherboard, and the wiring is chained so that the same 4pin connection goes from each fan to the next (the last fan in the chain is working).

    I went ahead and plugged my computer into my monitors to see if I could figure something out in the BIOS. My motherboard is signaling a hardware error on startup, and says there's a problem with the CPU fan (I don't know if this is triggering the error code, or another issue). I'm a little confused by this because the CPU fans are visibly spinning.
  5. Do you have any free connectors left on the PSU? if you do and if those Case fans can be separately connected to separate power connectors from the PSU, do it and check.
    The CPU fan error must be because it may be spinning at speeds slower than the minimum, that can be rectified in the BIOS by setting a lower threshold limit or then if you're sure the CPU fan works fine, just disable the speed detection for the CPU fan.
  6. Ok, the CPU fan problem was a dumb error due to plugging my CPU fan into the OPT_FAN1 slot and my Case fan into the CPU fan slot.

    Tried different combinations of plugging the fans into the PSU (it's a Thermaltake Toughpower XT so the PSU is modular. Side fan is still the only one that turns on. The BIOS doesn't detect any fans in the mobo besides the CPU fan (I have the 2, one in OPT_FAN1 and one in CHAS_FAN1.

    The fans are pretty much (Shouldn't need to be plugged into the CPU, except as an RPM monitor).
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