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Cloning displays, ATI HD 4850

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December 2, 2010 7:18:21 PM

ok so i ll post the specs, and then the problem

the computer spec; connected via analog w/dvi to analog adaptor
asus p5e x35 mobo
ATI HD 4850
Vista 64
samsung syncmaster 226bw 1680x1050

the lcd tv spec; connected via HDMI w/dvi to HDMi adaptor w/sound
samsung 540 52in 1080p

so my gpu has only 2 dvi slots... so i have 2 adaptors that works perfectly

now i read at a few places that i need to use the same resolution so i can clone... this kind of sucks... my monitor kind of go crazy when i try anything other than his native resolution, but i obviously dont want to have to play my blurays on that resolution on my tv ;(
is there a solution to this?
else, i think i will just stay with extended monitors and move my movies to the tv screen from my basement where the desktop is..

the other problem i have... is it seems that when i connect my tv with the DVI-HDMI ADAPTOR W/SOUND, (or maybe it would do the same thing with only HDMI wire..) well I ONLY have sounds on the tv... my Z-5500 on my desktop isnt spitting sounds anymore... seems like i really have to unplug the HDMI tv upstairs so i can have sound on my computer again :( 
is there a way to fix this?
EDIT: i noticed that if i take the "extended option" OFF, the sounds comes back to my desktop.. else it seems to stick only on the tv-_-

lastly, I bought a wireless mouse; i went upstairs and tested it without the TV plugged because I didnt already have my HDMI adaptor. The mouse worked perfectly fine... my friend could see it move fluently on my desktop monitor...
now that everything is plugged, i tested it again, and it worked the first time... after i cloned my monitors, it stopped working.. its kind of lagging and warping around instead of fluently moving around :(  even if i put it back to extended monitors, it still isnt working anymore...
is it because my computer have a hard time managing 2 monitors, 2 mice ? is it because the distance seemed fine at first, but actually isnt anymore??.. my computer isnt all that far from the tv... its in the basement 30 feet away thru the floor

i guess i should say that i was thinking about using my upstairs tv for many things.... my girlfriend is in afghanistan, and i would have like to be able to see her on the cam, from my living room! also chatting, surfing the internet and even playing games would be awesome! pretty much anything you want to usually do with a computer i guess!

If i HAVE to stick with extended, id have to try some software that enable me to have a cloned taskbar?
I know laptops have FN+F# to switch from primary display to another... is there some software that can do that on desktop?
i heard bout ultramon, multimon and "actual multiple monitor".. anyone know anything bout these?

if you can tell me the different options i would have, that would be awesome!

i hope im not too confusing... english isnt my first language so yeah ;x

thanks a lot in advance guys!!!

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December 2, 2010 9:39:37 PM

after trying many things, here whats i have...
i tried multimon... its just far from what i need... not even sure what it exactly does...
i tried ultramon... seams a lot more suitable, many options and nice things on it
you can actually "mirror" a desktop with 2 different resolution but i noticed this is sucking a LOT of juice on my computer... which will lag the movies and games.. so no good

i noticed that even if i put 1920x1080 on the TV, it doesnt fit screens..... when i play with my tv settings, i notice that there only is 16/9, 4/3
i find it weird that 1920x1080 is neither of the size aspect... how can the tv specs be 1920x1050????
maybe my GPU is messing things up?

anyway... i found out that the best looking resolution on the tv would be the exact same as my computer >_> so i guess i can just go on with a cloned settings!!!!!!!

im still stucked with that sound issue!!!!!
i guess i ll just have to play forth and back with my catalyst control center... disabling the TV when im on the computer...
unless there is a solution!

about the mouse, i think it is just because 30feet is a bit far for the wireless... because when i moved closer, the mouse would get smoother
is there something i can do about this too?

December 2, 2010 10:48:01 PM

You could get a usb extention and move the reciever for the mouse closer but I don't think there are any wireless mice with a range longer than 30 feet. I've got a logitech bluetooth mouse that will go about 30 feet but it does get slow and jumpy at 20ft+, even less so if the battery isn't fully charged. Can't help you with the sound, my reciever doesn't have HDMI so I ran a headphone cable extention through the ceiling.

And 1920x1080 is 16/9.