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Did I make a bad choice on the RAM I selected?

So this is for a new build. The last time I built a computer Windows xp had just came out. It was pretty easy... but now that I have decided to build another computer I am seeing all sorts of new issues (I was also not as much of a researcher before). So I chose this memory AND this motherboard I didnt know until after I made the purchases that there were such things mobo and RAM compatibility issues other than what type of RAM it is DDR3 or DDR2 and what is its native frequency relative to what the mobo supports. This mobo can run 1600 mhz memory and has the capacity to fit 4gb of RAM in each slot. I knew Corsair is a good brand which is why I went with it. I thought 4gb was a good starting amount so I went for that as well. After look on corsair's site though this particular 4x1 ram stick does not show as compatible... I noticed that almost although the rams listed were in combinations of 2x2 4x2 and so on. So, will this memory work? I mean it says its made for all DDR3 motherboards with 4 slots? I have ddr3 ram capability and 4 slots so what is the problem?
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    Dual-Channel DDR3 2000(O.C.)/1333/ 1066 support

    it dosent natively support ddr3-1600mhz

    do you have both the parts already, if so there will be a button on you mobo, its a great thing, it should be labeled MemOk!, when your system is running.... if it dosent boot, and theres a red light on, press this button down, give it a few moments, and your system should boot
  2. Thank you for an answer and a way to correct the problem! So by hitting the mem ok button do you think the memory will be set to a lower fq. rather than the 1600 it comes posted at.
  3. im not sure of that, because the 1 time ive used it, it just changed the ram back to factory defaults, but either way 267MHz wont make that much difference :P
  4. In hindsight I should have just bought a bundled RAM package but oh well, its so cheap these days. Anywho, the RAM did work and it does run at 1600mhz and I did not have to hit the memok button.
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