Xonar D1 front panel issue

I can't seem to get the front panel working in conjunction with my sound card. Before, when I was using onboard sound, I could just plug my headphones into the front of my case and it would switch over from the speakers to the headphones without issue. Since installing a sound card however the only option has been to unplug the speakers and then plug in my headphones after, which is less a poor workaround.

I've put up with this for a while since I bought my sound card, but I've had to replace my old headphones recently and the newer ones are much shorter; therefore unable to reach my ears unless I lean really far forwards. So I need a fix for this problem. I've browsed the Asus forums for a solution but besides a lot of answers advising people to change settings in the audio centre to "FP Headphone" (which, incidentally, I have done already) there were only dead ends.
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  1. You do have the FP cable connected to the Xonar's FP Header right?

    What type of FP audio does your case have? AC97 or HD ? (or both)
  2. Quote:
    You do have the FP cable connected to the Xonar's FP Header right?

    Didn't hook up any cables when installing this. Looking in the user manual, Asus forums, and on various guides online, it doesn't seem like I have to. Can you explain this more fully?

    What type of FP audio does your case have? AC97 or HD ? (or both)

  3. No answers?

    Something else I discovered: disabling the sound card using device manager allows me to use the front panel again, although not without issue.

    VLC starts skipping bits of audio at a consistent rate. Youtube and the like work fine,
  4. You have to connect your frontpanel to your Xonar D1. Use the cable which is now connected to you onborad sound.
  5. What it sounds like is happening is this:

    The front panel is still connected to the onboard audio device, and not the Xonar. As such, the Xonar is the default output device, and has priority. However, if you re-insert a plug into the front panel, the onboard chipset correctly determines a plug has been inserted [via jack sensing], and becomes the active device again, thus why you need to unplug-replug every time you want to use the front panel.

    A quick test would be to set the default device back to onboard, and try using the front panel. [No, you don't need to uninstall anything; you can switch the active device from the Windows Control Panel] I suspect the front panel is connected to the onboard sound chip, and not the Xonar.

    Also, why not just connect directly to the back of the Xonar?
  6. Thanks for your input guys, but I solved it quite a while ago :)

    It was indeed the case that the front panel was connected the the motherboard and not the sound card.
  7. ^^ Thought so. Glad to hear its fixed.
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