Antec 600 for $34.95...good enough deal or not?

Hey guys,

I know many of you think the Antec 600 is an "average" case, but what do you think about it for $34.95?

Is the Antec 300 really THAT much better? The 600 actually has more features too...side window, cable management, CPU cutout, hot-swap SATA drive bay, for easy load/unload 2.5” SATA HDD (whatever this means), 1 more usb port on top, and a 200mm top fan vs. 140mm for the 300.

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get this and use it to experiment on. I'll try painting the interior black, cutting out a cable management hole or 2, put in some mesh/grate on the bottom for the PSU, and mesh filter for the side fan.


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  1. Where do you see it for $34.95? ;)
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    And free shipping on top of that $34.95 price. It's a good deal.
    3x 120mm fans and 1x 200mm fan included.
    The four case fans alone probably cost more than $35 @ retail prices.

    They must be moving out the Antec 600 to make room for the Antec 600 V2.
  3. OK, it looks like the NewEgg spec's don't match the Antec specs in numbers of fans included.
    Antec is showing a 120mm rear fan and a 200mm top fan as standard.
    The rest are optional.

    No USB 3.0 front ports in the V2 though - what's up with that?

    Still a good value even so.

    edit; fixed some links
  4. if you're just going to use it to experiment/play around/keep at home and not be dragging it everywhere then it doesn't matter besides ease of use.

    Seriously, i have the same case that i first got this PC in back in like 2002 and it suits me just fine.

    I think for 35 bucks that case is pretty solid.
  5. Great value for $35 if you like it.
  6. Hey WR2...I don't think your links are going where they are supposed to. They both just go to Antec's home page I think?

    Maybe after I get done experimenting on it I can sell it on Craig's list for more than I bought it for to pay for the case I really want. Worse case scenario I get 4 extra case fans...I do think it will end up being fine. I don't love its looks, but it's not horrible either.
  7. It does have 2 front 120mm led fans, 1 rear 120mm fan, and 1 top 200mm led fan.
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