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I recently purchased a HIS Radeon HD5770 1GB to upgrade from my HD 3450. I ran a few benchmarks with fraps before the upgrade so I could see the improvment. After installing the new card I ran both COD MW2 and COD Black Ops both showed no improvment if anything it might have 1-2 fps lower than before the upgrade. I get about 12fps running these games at max settings. I was wondering if maybe my processor was the bottleneck? ( not that I really want to upgrade it at the moment ) I have tried the latest drivers as well as some older editions. Any suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance

Current system
OCZ StealthXstream II 600W
Intel Core2 Quad Q9400 @2.66GHz
6GB Ram
HIS Radeon HD5770 1GB
500GB 7200rpm HDD
Windows 7 Home premium
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  1. According to these benchmarks, the ATI HD 3450 barely got 4 FPS with COD4 at 1280x1024 so how the hell did you even play any PC games with that card? 0_o

    Anyhow, you definitely should be getting a major performance boast and while your CPU is not that latest, it should in no way prevent you from achieving better performance.

    Did you completely remove the ATI drivers before installing the nvidia drivers?

    Did you change anything else? Your display? Did you crank all the in-game settings to HIGH whereas before they were LOW?
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