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6870 vs gtx 470 vs 5850

I have been scouring Toms HW for the past couple weeks and pondering this question,
I think a lot of people are stuck on a system and decision similar to mine so hopefully people can get some valuable info...

6870 vs gtx470 vs 5850 ??

This seems to be a common question amongst gamers who are wanting high end mid-range performance, sorry if this is redundant but I ask the same question to myself. Another factor that I am constantly flip flopping over in my head is how much will tessellation and dx11 play a role in popular games in the next year? How much will it play a factor in two years from now?? These are probably the most crucial questions that I ask myself when deciding to go with the newer cards with improved tessellation and in some times a slower card now, or go for a deal on a 5850/70 and hope that tessellation and dx11 are used minimally in most games that use it at all. It also seems that the current cards would be rendered almost useless in a situation where dx11 and tessellation were being used to the max in every detail of the game. This is a big question in my mind that I would like to hear peoples opinions on. Is it worth the tessellation and dx11 improvements to purchase a gtx 470/ hd 6870 vs trying to get a deal on a 5850? Will the improved tessellation etc even be enough of an improvement to handle demanding dx11 titles of the near or far future?? After researching and reading numerous forums, benchmarks, reviews, posts, etc. it is tough to decide until actually trying all the cards which is not possible. Any and all opinions and comments are welcome.

on a side note I have considered 6850 crossfire if you think I could deal with one card for 2-3 months before xfiring, and also considered the small form factor of my mother board, psu, etc. Do you think one 6850 would be too similar to a 5770?

Here are my current system specs and in your opinion what would you go with 5850,6870,gtx470?? or possibly 6850 x 2

AMD athlon II X2 240 (clocked at 3.6 ghz)
4 gig corsair xms 1600 ddr3 (1333)
tx650 corsair
MSI 890gxm-g65
Hitachi 1 tb hd 7200rpm
dell 22\\\" lcd 1920X1080 60hz
6 120 mm case fans
Thermaltake r1 cpu cooler
Thermaltake v3 case
XFX 5770
Lite-on DVD drive

My price range is around 250 or less, obviously the cheaper the better.

I would like to game at my native 1920X1080 or at least 1650X1080 with high details and low or no AA on 90 % of current games having a minimum fps of at least 30 fps at times but generally averages in the high 40's and 50's with a good Overclock so hopefully that doesn't sound too outlandish, or at least something close to that.

I play pretty much all types of games but mostly FPS RPG, and Racing/NBA2k11 lol. I know I need to upgrade my CPU soon which will come in time...(a 955 or greater)

Thanks for your replies and comments they are very much appreciated

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    Go with the 6870 in my opinion. There are so many reviews comparing the three, and the bottom line is cost and the specific game you are playing.

    Here is another thread about this too:
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  3. went with the 6870 and so far i am pretty damn happy
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