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I am preparing to install an OCZ Vertex 3 Sata III 2.5" SSD on my PC and I would like to know if I need any steps to do in order for my SSD to work and output the highest performance without any limits from my system.
My PC motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7(rev.1.0) and is running Windows 7 64Bits Ultimate.
Do I need to change any options in the system BIOS?
Do I need to plug my disk on a specific Sata3.0 Port on my motherboard?
Do I need to install any specific SATA III drivers like Marvell Console Driver(SATA 3)?

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  1. Set AHCI mode in your bios.
    When you do the setup the only hard drive you want hooked up is the SSD
    If it needs drivers it'll ask for them during setup. Put them on usb stick for convenience.
  2. You should have posted this in the Storage/SSD section. Very good, in depth and detailed SSD knowledge there.
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